A Journalist's Archive

What's It All About?

This site contains a collection of my book reviews and commentaries. These were originally published in newspapers, but now I'm making them available to a wider audience.

I've been writing my Wild Hare commentaries for several years now, but many of these topics continue to be current. See how some of today's "crises" could have been avoided with a little self-discipline and common sense!

My Book Reviews cover current best-sellers as well as classics. I pay for my own books, so I'm "empowered" to call them as I see them. Warning: these opinions may not necessarily agree with those in the major papers!

Also I've included some of my favorite Photos, some previously published. Speaking of photos, don't expect to identify me from the masthead picture. Although this is the "real me", it is admittedly a somewhat earlier version.

A Little Background

I was raised on the East Coast of the USA, a couple of feet above sea level. At present I'm enjoying the "high life" in Colorado at an elevation close to 7000 feet.  Between these two extremes, I've managed to dwell on the West Coast, in the Deep South (twice), New England, and even spent a snowy winter on the shores of Lake Michigan. All this "life experience" appears to have given me an opinion on just about everything :-)

Composing a camera shot.

In Pursuit of a Shot

Spring is a good time for flower photos. You might even catch a bee in flight.